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Pavlo PoberezhetsMay 24, 2021
Body piercing looks great, but it’s more than just aesthetics. Different ear and nose piercings are also thought to benefit your physical health in different ways.

IndyRef2: Everything you need you to know about Scottish independence

Clare GrantMay 22, 2021
The British government has been put on notice that a referendum on Scottish independence from the UK is a “matter of when not if”.

UK police arrest eight for racist abuse targeted at Premier League football player

Clare GrantMay 22, 2021
Eight men have been arrested and four others interviewed under caution as part of an investigation into racist abuse targeted at a Premier League football player, British Police announced on Friday.

15 years on, Montenegro's vote to quit Serbia still cuts deep

Clare GrantMay 22, 2021
Hours after the polls had closed in Montenegro on 21 May, 2006, the head of the Balkan nation’s election commission told journalists that Montenegrins had voted by a margin of 55.4% to break from Serbia and become an independent state.

Should Europe be scared of its mink farms?

Clare GrantMay 22, 2021
Mink can be infected by SARS-CoV-2, but it is unclear whether they can pass the virus on to humans.

Albanian man accused of aiding Nice terror attack extradited to France

Clare GrantMay 22, 2021
An Albanian man accused of supplying weapons to a Tunisian terrorist who killed 86 people in Nice is back in France after extradition from Italy.